We have put together our tailgate essentials checklist. Check stadium rules and your team’s food and beverages before personalizing your own most valuable tailgate essentials checklist. Assign tasks, roles, and contributions ahead of time with your tailgating team. Read all the stadium rules. 

Under the following items, you may want to make your own itemized check-list according to your game day menu, beverage needs, and weather forecast. 

TAILGATING ESSENTIALS…as the weather shifts to cold: 

  • Tailgate grills, smokers, fryers, or a combination thereof
  • Propane or charcoal-the mini grills with tiny canisters are great 
  • Utensils, including mitts, and aprons, barbecue tools
  • Smaller camping or folding tailgating table for griller or food prepfor 
  • tables for guests or stop bye
  • coolers 1-2 minimum
  • Extra ice..(unless your a true northern team, and its after November 15)
  • Pre-cooled beverages and frozen bottles of water
  • Hot coffee and a great liquor to add like vanilla flavored whiskey
  • Prepped food for cooking-best to have your meats marinated
  • shade structures if need be , nice in fall …covers you if raining 
  • Balloons, banners, or signs to make your tailgate party visible..an nice touch 
  • comfy camp chairs ,…..you deserve it..
  • Heavy duty trash bags for cleanup and makeshift ponchos in rainy weather
  • Extra heavy think blankets or water proof 
  • Tailgate games, footballs to throw , speakers, and entertainment
  • whisper quiet 2k generator if your budget will allow …
  • Cleanup gear like wet wipes or a cleaning station
  • ROCK YOUR FAVORITE PLAYERS GEAR ..see our picks ..here:

This guys a beast!!!..My Favorite

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